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Aeroseal Air Duct Sealing, Air Leak Sealing, Insulation


Aeroseal Air Duct Sealing.
Air Leaks can occur in many different areas of your home.  At KY Energy Pro, we are BPI Building Envelope Specialists and we can help you better understand your home's energy performance.
Your heating and cooling system distributes conditioned air throughout your home.  In a typical home, about 20% of the air that moves through the duct system is lost due to leaks, holes, and poorly connected ducts.  The result can be higher utility bills and difficulty keeping your home comfortable no matter how the thermostat is set.  Tape is used to seal your ducts and in older homes has likely dried out over the years, no longer providing the sealant originally intended.

Some signs that your home may have leaky, poorly insulated, or inefficient ducts:

  • you have high summer and winter utility bills;
  • you have rooms that are difficult to heat and cool;
  • ​you have stuffy rooms that never seem to feel comfortable;
  • ​​your ducts are located in an attic, unfinished basement, crawlspace, or the garage;
  • ​you find tangled or kinked flexible ducts in your system.

​Because ducts are most often concealed in walls, ceilings, attic, and basement repairing them can be difficult.  That's why calling a professional can make all the difference.  We use Aeroseal Air Duct Sealing to seal ducts from the inside.


Aeroseal Duct Sealing technology is patented and is approved by the US Environmental protection agency and US dept. of Energy.  Our certified technicians use computer based tools to inspect and evaluate your air ducts.  The exclusive Aeroseal Duct Sealing System injects a fine mist of adhesive particles into the air duct system. The particles travel through the air duct system seeking holes and cracks that are located throughout the ductwork. The adhesive duct sealing particles attach directly onto the edges of any hole and crack, effectively sealing it without coating the inside of the ductwork.  When the sealing process is completed, the results are verified, and you receive a Aeroseal Duct Sealing certificate stating the leak reduction improvement achieved in your home.  Residential home air sealing is guaranteed for 10 years.  Our customers are reporting impressive reductions in their energy bills.

The Aeroseal 6-step process takes very little time to bring you big savings and comfort:

  • Wall registers are covered in order for air to escape only through the leaks
  • Sealant is injected into the ducts for approximately 1 hour or less
  • Small aerosol particles are kept suspended in the airflow by continuous air movement
  • As the air stream makes a sharp turn to exit through a leak, the particles collide with and adhere to the leak edges
  • Ducts are sealed with only 1-2 oz. of the sealant material remaining in the ducts
  • ​A computer-generated analysis summarizing your home or building’s amount of leakage is generated, providing verification of success of the process

Air Leak Sealing and Insulation.
Although air leaks have a major impact on your duct system, other areas of your home can leak over time as your home settles.  Air leakage takes place when outside air enters, and, conditioned air uncontrollably leaves the building through cracks or openings.  Common areas that may require Air Sealing:

  • Behind Kneewalls
  • Attic and Attic Hatch
  • Wiring Holes
  • Plumbing Vent
  • Open Soffit (the box that hides the recessed lights)
  • Recessed Lights
  • Furnace Flue or Duct Chaseway (the hollow box or wall feature that hides ducts)
  • Basement Rim Joists (where the foundation meets the wood framing)
  • Windows and Doors

We offer a variety of products to address air sealing, each option offers a specific level of R-value, durability, and cost.  Options include, caulking, foam blocking, insulation - batt and roll, blown in - loose fill, rigid foam, and spray foam.

Home Energy Analysis.
Although we are a RESNET Certified Energy Rater and a BPI Building Performance Analyst, we want you to know about the highly affordable option of a home performance evaluation available through Louisville Gas & Electric and Duke Energy.  You can contact them directly to obtain full details or click here - LG&E On-Site Home Energy Analysis or Duke Energy.  

The on-site Home Energy Analysis is performed by a certified professional and through LG&E cost approximately $25.  Their provider will  assess the "air tightness" of your home and will provide you with tools and tips to improve your home's energy performance.  You may even quality for financial incentives from LG&E and KU up to $1000.

We can address any air leaks or insulation issues throughout your home.  You can trust your home to the Air Flow Experts at KY Energy Pro!​