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PMM - Preventive Maintenance Member

With the Energy Pros — Membership has it's benefits

You get inundated with mailers every month for cheap seasonal service for your air conditioner or furnace system.  We understand that every homeowner is looking for the best value possilbe.  At KY Energy Pro we feel we've developed the best possilbe program to keep your existing systems running efficiently through a professional inspection of your system, cleaning, necessary adjustments and testing.  

Don't fall prey to the cheapest price and therefore get the cheapest service.  Our Preventive Maintenance Membership program not only gives you peace of mind that your system is clean, adjusted correctly, and operating within its remaining warranty, but if there is a necessary repair membership has added benefits, we provide you with discounts on parts, equipment, or upgrades.

We offer a monthly value payment plan drawn from your credit card and a senior citizen and veteran discount.

Spring Service – Cooling
Check & adjust thermostat
Check evaporator & blower compartment
If needed, clean blower wheel or coil at a discounted rate
Check & clean outside condenser coil
Lubricate all moving parts
Test & clean 24 volt contactor
Check refrigerant charge
Check & clean condensate drain
Monitor voltage and ampage draw
Check temperature of air
Monitor AC cycle

Fall Service – Heating
Check & adjust thermostat
Check lter & blower wheel
If needed, clean blower wheel or coil at a discounted rate
Check & clean main burners
Check & clean heat exchanger
Check & clean ame sensor
Test & adjust main gas pressure
Check & adjust temperature rise
Monitor ue draft for safe operation
Check & tighten all loose connections
Monitor furnace cycle