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Residential HVAC Choice

At KY Energy Pro our sole focus is indoor conditioned air and the homeowner's comfort.  That means we've selected the most forward thinking brands, with excellent technology, to meet the space, lifestyle, and budget needs of homeowners at their time of need.  Here is what's important to us, and what we think may be important to you too!

  1. Homeowner's Safety.  Matching up building code and installation or repair practices is important.  Building codes have changed, so often a problem with your heating or cooling system might not match up with current code or new installation procedures. Also, one of the biggest safety issues for homeowners is indoor air contaminants, if you don't have a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm, ask us to install one immediately.  A fairly common repair is a cracked heat exchanger, which along with other sources, can emit CO into your home.  When you invite us into your home we will always be looking for saftey defects that other companies miss.
  2. Air Flow.  Sometimes heating and cooling companies place so much importance on the heating and air conditioning system, they completely fail to examine and address issues with the duct system that feeds the conditioned air into your home.  This will never happen with KY Energy Pro, we are air flow experts.  Failing to assess the number of air vents, supply returns and the actual pattern of the flow of air can cause a deficiency in the performance of your system, thermostat, and the comfort you experience, not to mention higher than necessary energy bills.
  3. Home Performance.  Every day we're in homeowners attics, crawl spaces, and basements where we see the quality of insulation and air leaks in the home's building enclosure.  Repairing these areas can change the performance of your system, improve your comfort and save you money in energy costs.
  4. The "V" in HVAC.  Heating and air condtioning doesn't work without proper ventilation - postive pressure, negative pressure and balance.  Yes, we all want our homes tight, and new homes are tighter than ever because of new energy codes, but homes can be so tight that now you require additional mechanical ventilation to assure proper air flow within your home.
  5. Good Math.  When evaluating what type of replacement system you need, it is critical to get the math right to determine the proper size of system you require.  Yes, there are a lot of factors that go into choosing the right system, but the first step is calculating the size of system you actually need, then move to the level of efficiency you can afford.  You would never want to buy a 5 ton unit when you only need a 3 ton.  Knowing the correct size of system you need might allow you to invest in a higher effiency rating, or other air quality products that can have an impact on your health and quality of life.  Some of our products may have special rebates or tax incentives due to high energy effiency.  You may be able to obtain effiency and comfort you never thought you could afford just by starting with the right math.
  6. The "Right" Bid.  This is really a confusing problem for homeowners.  Yes, sometimes we are the lowest bidder, but it is because we are experts at doing the diligence of proper calucation for the type of system needed.  We would always be lower if you only needed a 4 ton unit and our competitors were pricing a 5 ton unit because of "bad math".  Then we also experience competitive bids where we are higher, again due to accurately calcualting the proper size system for your home - we know you need a specific size unit and can't get by with anything less.  There may also be other improvements in your home that need to be completed to assure your heating and air conditioning system performs the way it is supposed to — meets proper building codes and your expectations.  Feel free to ask us the specifics of how we have prepared our estimates.  We'll gladly share our calculations with you and explain any additional recommendations we've made.
  7. Whole-Home-Thinking.  We think of your heating-ventilation-air-conditioning as-a-system.  We think about combustion safety, air flow, distribution, air quality, and ventilation.  We think of your home-as-a-system.  That attitude allows us to be problem solvers.  We think about your family and your unique needs; allergies, moisture, and overall comfort.  Yes, you might need a new furnace, or air conditioner, or heat pump, or, maybe all you need is your air ducts cleaned and sealed, and air leaks fixed.

We've put a great deal of time, effort and investment into obtaining the best training and certification available to be a strategic resource to our clients.  Almost every day we go into homes where someone failed to partner with the homeowner to give them all the information necessary to make the right choice on the right heating and cooling system and other air quality products to meet their needs.  

As our company has evolved, we made an important decision - to ALWAYS provide information and solutions that are in the best interest of our clients.  We plan to be in business for a long time, and we hope you'll think of KY Energy Pro when trust is part of why you choose your home care provider.